About Us

Rahib Interiors

Rahib interiors is one of the leading furniture and furnishing brands in the UAE. The brand is known for its distinctive drift toward making customized furniture items, to meet the styles of traditional & modern home decoration.

Housing up-to-the-minute modern trends, Rahib interiors carries a wide-ranging collection of Customized home, office furniture, and accessories (sofas, curtains, wallpapers, parquet, carpets, bedrooms, living room, interior designs). The brand also houses a vast collection of high quality and deluxe Fabrics. With the products being sourced from the highest quality and value sources around the world, Rahib Interiors aims to offer a supreme quality and world-class style to its customers at affordable & pocket-friendly prices.


The mission of Rahib Interiors is to exceed our client’s expectations by delivering high-quality, socially responsible, and value-driven Homes, Restaurants, Offices furnishing, and decoration services. By offering a wide variety of services and personalized attention to each client.


In a near future, Rahib interiors aims to achieve more leads and to enlarge its community through social media platforms. Our clients will understand the importance of our values and goals, by ensuring them a comprehensive commitment to the company and by delivering them the highest quality with the best customer service.