Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

At Nada Al Rabee, our goal is to fulfill the great demand in the market and giving the market with innovative, high quality and environmentally responsible products that are available anytime, anywhere at affordable prices. By providing medical information, both private and government medical sectors are medically informed and updated to help the patients for a better understanding and self-management of their diseases and encourage the society to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The production area including manufacturing and packaging has been designed in accordance to the GMP standards with automatic monitoring equipment (Building Management Systems) to continuously record temperature and relative humidity in each manufacturing area based on the product processing stage.
The production facility includes the main lines:

  1. METERED DOSE INHALERS (MDI’S) – this line has dedicated areas for dispensing, manufacturing canisters and valve cleaning, canister filling, quarantine storage area, spray testing, packaging, propellant storage and in process control, the MDI’s filling line is provided with special air conditioning system (IQ air system) which is a new patented technology to keep production lines under class 100.
  2. SOLID ORAL LINE – to produce different dosage forms including tablets and capsules. The production process is running under high capacity of 60 units per minute to ensure availability and fulfilment of the market demand.
  3. LIQUID ORAL LINE – for filling syrup and ensures the maintenance of hygiene for meeting the health standards.
  4. TUBE CREAM LINE – to fill ointment or viscous fluid materials into plastic tube or laminated tube. Machine provides sorting and placing of tubes, filling of product, tube sealing, date printing and unloading of ready filled tube.